Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Dolphinarium: Surfers to replace dolphins...

After years of acrimonious battles, Dolphinarium deal seems finally underway.

The Appeals Commission from the Regional Planning Committee rejected earlier this month the appeal filed by the the various opponents to the project. Key to the success of the project, was the decision from the Tel Aviv Municipality to promote a plan designed by architects Zionov and Vitkon to build a sports center for surfers in place of the now derelict Dolphinarium.

Under the program, the abandoned complex, which covers over 21 acres of which 3,500 square meters are built, will be demolished and replaced by a small community center dedicated to sports activities. Total size will be around 750 square meters, of which 500 be dedicated to surfboards and equipment storage, offices, classrooms and changing rooms. The other 250 sqm will be used for a cafe or a restaurant. The rest of the area will be open to the public. The municipality reckons that it should take less than a year. But if history is any guide...

Source Timeout


  1. Is there a link to the real plans proposed ?

  2. Here you'll find a lot more info: