Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Founders of Mobileye move into Meyer on Rostchild

Amnon Shashua chairman of the extraordinarily successful Mobileye company and Ziv Aviram, its CEO have snatched 2 extensive flats in the recently completed Meier on Rothschild.

Amnon spent NIS 80m ($21m) for the penthouse spanning floors 41 and 42 while his co-founder went so a more modest 300sqm flat on the 28th floor for just NIS 30m ($8m). The penthouse extends over 600 sqm, has 100 sqm of terraces overlooking the city and Mediterranean sea and has its own swimming pool and sauna.

In 2012, Eyal Waldman, the CEO of Mellanox had made the news after purchasing a flat on the 31th floor for NIS 19m ($5m). The founder of social gaming company Diwip, Yaniv Gamzo, also bought 2 flats in the tower, one that he rents and the other that he lives into.

You can check the view from the penthouse in the video below:

Source Calcalist

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