Sunday, May 22, 2016

Neve Tzedek et l'invasion des Bobos

Interesting piece on public French TV channel France 2 on the invasion of French "Bobos"(bourgeois-bohème), those well-off French Jews leaning on the left and who have either emigrated to Israel or bought a place, just in case....

With almost 10 000 French Jews having moved to Israel last year and even more so having bought a place and now spending many months a year in the Holy Land, it's not surprising that the French influence can be witnessed all over the country.

But some neighbourhoods have been more affected than others and Neve Tzedek, because of its European character and charm, has been more popular than others with the French elite. It's no wonder then that property prices in Deauville have plummeted while those in those hip Israeli neighbourhoods like Neve Tzedek, called by some the "Petit Paris",  have soared....

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