Friday, September 11, 2015

Unlike other major cities, Tel Aviv embraces Airbnb

Earlier this week at DLD Tel Aviv, the city of Tel Aviv and Airbnb announced a partnership to create a guide to the city that includes layers of interactive content.

Airbnb, which connects travelers with hosts in cities around the world, said in an announcement this week that it is the company’s first partnership with a municipality on a city guide.

The company has already produced guides to 22 other cities but in direct partnering with hosts. The guide of Tel Aviv will include maps, custom photography and an editorial on local things to see and do, as well as tips from Airbnb hosts about local businesses. “Tel Aviv is comprised of small, fascinating neighborhoods that will be showcased through this initiative,” said Hila Oren, CEO and founder of Tel Aviv Global, a company started by the Tel Aviv-Yafo Mayor’s Office dedicated to elevating the city’s global positioning.

What is unusual about this project is the active involvement of the municipality. While other major cities such as San Francisco, Paris and Barcelona have been resisting the amazing growth of the new sharing platform, Tel Aviv is setting itself apart by embracing change.

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