Thursday, January 31, 2013

Agreement reached on Carmel Market renovation

This morning, representatives of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality and Carmel Market traders signed an agreement in principle for the market, and the Tel Aviv Local Planning and Building Commission has approved the plan. The plan will now go to the Tel Aviv Regional Planning and Building Commission's objections committee. Now that the traders' main objections have been settled, the plan will probably be approved.

Under the Carmel Market renewal plan, approved by the Tel Aviv Regional Commission in 2009, Carmel Street will be rezoned for commerce, and the Carmel Market, the Meat Market, and the Western (Gaza) Market will be rebuilt. The renewal plan includes additional residential, hotel, and business space, and the construction of an underground four-level public parking garage with 1,000 parking spaces. The market will be covered, its infrastructures rebuilt, and a logistics center will be built.

After the plan was approved, hundreds of Carmel Market traders raised objections, which delayed further discussion of the plan by the planning commission. Subsequent negotiations between the parties focused on recognition of the stall owners' property rights. Under today's agreement, the Carmel Market traders will receive 49-year leases with an option to extend for another 49 years. Rent for a stall up to seven square meters will not exceed NIS 200,000. Owners of stalls which will be vacated for renovations will receive either financial compensation or an alternative stall under the terms set out in the agreement.

The Tel Aviv Municipality's Engineering Administration and the Axelman Grobman Architects firm prepared the Carmel Market plan. Renovations are due to begin in 2014. "This is a historic step toward settling the planning for the area and turning the Carmel Market into a modern and attractive market," said Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai. "Since I took up office, I set the goal of preserving and renovating the assets and symbols of Tel Aviv, one of which is the Carmel Market. I welcome the progress in the plan with the traders' agreement and cooperation, and I am sure that the renovations, which will preserve the market's authenticity, magic, and character on one hand, while making the site an inviting and modern place for the public on the other hand, will benefit the traders, and revive the whole area."

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