Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Startup Nation now on the map

Michael Eisenberg (Benchmark Capital) set a challenge a few days ago, asking developers from Israel to create a similar map to the one Michael Bloomberg unveiled in NY and that showcases more than 500 local companies based on their location as well as the available jobs within these companies.

Inspired by the NY map, Eisenberg's challenge and probably the promised free wine, one developer has decided to take on the task and created a simple tool to help Israel-based companies quickly add themselves onto the map. There is also a "who's hiring" section where companies can post job openings and that will definitely help job hunters who want to find those hot jobs in Israeli startups.

Amazingly, Ben Lang, who created this map, did it while he had some time off from the army. Hopefully someone will help him take it to the next level because some features are missing: wider map, company search, clickable links, street view, related photos, etc.

Meanwhile, If your company based in Israel, make sure to add it to the list now available at

Source Go2web20

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