Friday, October 1, 2010

Fancy a penthouse in Tel Aviv?

Penthouse sales have reached new levels in the last few years in Tel Aviv. Last year, for example, the penthouse in the Sea One project was sold for NIS 110 million. Even more recently, Eyal Ofer bought the top flat at Ofer Tower, also on Herbert Samuel Street, for a cool NIS 115 million.

If you fancy a penthouse too, here is a sample of what's available on the market...

NIS 33 million - USD 9 million
Location: Koifman Street
Floor: 4
Flat Size: 800 sqm
Terrace Size: 120 sqm
Landscape panoramic sea view
Maintenance: NIS 8,000 / month

The apartment's ceiling is about six feet tall, has no external walls and is surrounded by a glass wall overlooking the sea. The apartment is on one level and includes, private indoor pool, sauna and Jacuzzi. Penthouse is owned by a foreign resident who bought the apartment a few years ago and uses it as his holiday apartment. He recently bought another apartment, no less prestigious, and has therefore put this one on the market.

NIS 25 million - USD 7 million
Location: Dubnov Street
Floor: 7
Flat Size: 460 sqm
Terrace Size: 130 sqm
View: 360 degrees of full cityscape
Maintenance: NIS 300 / month

The apartment is located in the city center, but in a quiet area and close to cultural and entertainment centers. It has seven bedrooms, four bathrooms and a shower, high ceilings (3.40 meters), central vacuum and heating-floor. Apartment building has three parking spaces. 

NIS 5.5 million - USD 1.5 million
Location: Alexander Argov Street 
Floor: 2-3
Flat Size: 170 sqm
Terrace Size: 80 sqm
Landscape: a neighborhood park
Maintenance: NIS 2,200 /month

The apartment is a duplex penthouse renovated last year invested at a cost of one million shekels. It includes four bedrooms, high quality flooring, with a mosaic ceiling in the bathroom and has a living room window which provides light all day long. The apartment building  includes an Olympic pool, a jacuzzi, a sauna, a steam room and 24 hour a day maintenance. 

NIS 11 million - USD 3 million
Location: Hamelits Street
Floor: Fifth sixth floors
Flat Size: 250 sqm
Terrace Size: 70 sqm on the top floor
View: 360 degrees
Maintenance: NIS 550 / month

The apartment is in a new building next to Meir Garden in Tel Aviv. The penthouse was designed and built for a couple, so it includes only two bedrooms. All accommodation services are located on the first floor, the second floor includes two rooms, a kitchenette, a bathroom and a 360 degree balcony. The flat has two parking spaces and an private lift. The design was done by an architect specializing in the design galleries, and includes a mosaic bath, a raised black parquet in the bedroom, parquet floors, windows and closets throughout the apartment with Chinese designs in all baths. 

NIS 7.5 million - USD 2 million
Location: HaGanim Street in Ramat Hasharon
Floor: 16
Flat Size: 200 sqm
Terrace Size: 100 sqm
Landscape cityscape of Tel Aviv, Petah Tikva, Ramat Gan, Netanya Sea
Maintenance: NIS 500 / month

The apartment is the highest in the region, as all the buildings in the neighborhood are up to ten stories only. The penthouse is on one level, it has high ceilings and a design made of bright shades of metallic purple mosaic. There is is a huge 50 sqm bedroom, two additional bedrooms and a study. Building has two covered parking spaces.

NIS 9.6 million - USD 2.6 million 
Location: Isrotel in Hayarkon Street 
Floor: 22
Flat Size: 194 sqm
 Terrace Size: 50 sqm
Landscape panoramic sea view, from Jaffa to Herzliya
Maintenance fees: about NIS 2,400 a month

The apartment was designed so that it includes only one bedroom with a balcony area of 10 sqm, the rest of the apartment being the living room and kitchen. The building includes a gym, a swimming pool and a convention hall lobby. The adjacent penthouse is also for sale so you can purchase both flats for a total of 316 sqm and USD 3.4 million.  

NIS 100 million - USD 27 million
Location: Corner Nehardea  & Barry 
Floor: 30-31
Flat Size: 1,000 sqm
Terrace Size : 80 sqm
View: State Square, Central Tel Aviv to the sea
Maintenance: NIS 14,000 / month 

Almost impossible to find an apartment this size in town. The penthouse was built on two floors and was designed by architect Moshe Tzur. The building is the heart of Tel Aviv and includes a swimming pool, gym, a residents club and 24 hours security.

NIS 76 million - USD 21 million
Location: Yitzhak Elhanan Street - White City Residence
Floor: 40
Flat Size: 578 sqm
Terrace Size: 115 sqm
Landscape: panoramic sea view
Maintenance: NIS 8,000 / month

The project is currently under construction. The apartment is on one level and located in the picturesque neighborhood of Neve Tzedek, about 300 meters from the beach. The apartment design is done by the Italian designer Giorgio Armani. It includes a Jacuzzi for ten people on the roof overlooking the sea.

NIS 3.6 million - USD 1 million
Location: Montefiore Street 
Floor: 4-5
Flat Size: 100 sqm
Terrace Size: 15 sqm on the lower level, 55 sqm on the top floor
Scenery: Sea
Maintenance: about NIS 450 / month

The project is currently under construction. A boutique located in the heart of the historic fabric of the White City, minutes away from the cultural center, recreation and shopping. This duplex penthouse has four rooms on the lower floor and a spacious suite on the top floor. Granite porcelain flooring, electric roller shutters equip the flat. Included in the price is an underground parking.

NIS 39 million
Location: Herbert Samuel Street - Sea One Project
Floor: 20
Flat Size: 300 sqm
Terrace Size: 30 sqm
Landscape: the sea and along the promenade - Jaffa, Tel Aviv Marina
Maintenance: NIS 4,400 / month

The project is currently under construction. The apartment includes three bedrooms, each room with a sea view. Apart from panoramic views, high ceilings are planned at a height of six meters. The residential building will also house a hotel, but with a clear separation of the two - a separate parking, separate elevators and separate entrance lobby. However, tenants will benefit from services of a five-star hotel.

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