Friday, May 11, 2012

South Tel Aviv to become a High Tech Hub

The Tel Aviv Municipality continues its program to upgrade the south of the City. At a meeting held this week the City Manager announced that they had decided to establish in the neighbourhoods of Neve Shaanan and Shapira a new High Tech Hub. The municipality explained that start-ups deciding to establish in that area will receive various benefits, including discounts on municipal taxes, benefits from upgraded facilities and assistance from a new fund designed to support technological incubators. "This will encourage new populations to enter areas that have been neglected up until today" said the municipality.

Just last month the local committee approved the municipality Master plan for Tel Aviv now called "Tel Aviv 5000" and which determines the design trends for the city by 2025 and which includes construction of an additional 35,000 housing units. Under this plan, the Abu Kabir detention centre will become a business district and most importantly, the central bus station of Tel Aviv which currently houses a shopping centre, will become a large business complex. Enough to boost the neighbourhood, known today for his poverty and insecurity on the rest of the city.

The municipality also made ​​population projections estimating that roughly 486,000 people will be living in Tel Aviv in 2025 (compared to 400,000 currently). Mayor Ron Huldai said he welcomed the approval of the plan after 4 years, 15 meetings of the local committee, planners and consultants as well as 50 meetings involving the public in which more than 1700 residents participated. A mammoth task for Tel Aviv .

Source Ynet

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