Monday, June 13, 2011

10 Herbert Samuel starting to sell

With rumors of the market slowing down, Ofer investments has started marketing the Ofer tower also known as 10 Herbert Samuel to outsiders including foreign buyers. The web site is now up at and it is very nicely done, especially compared to the one of  White City Residence which even in version 2 is still quite poor.

With just 21 stories the building offers 41 apartments, two per floor, with the option of purchasing adjoining apartments to own the entire floor. All apartments, including the 7 lofts and the penthouse on the 21st floor have a sea view terrace and are designed for maximum interior flexibility with high ceilings and floor to ceiling windows.

Apartments are 200 sqm each not including the 31 sqm terrace and purchasing two adjoining apartments can provide with an amazing full floor home of 400sqm with a 62sqm terrace. The building offers also 7 lofts of 188 sqm each with a 27 sqm porch facing the sea and a 24 sqm back garden. Lastly he two top floors offer an enormous 728 sqm penthouse overlooking the Mediterranean with a 104 sqm terrace. But this one was snapped by Eyal Ofer for a cool $30 million last summer.

The regular apartments start at just NIS13 million, i.e. $3.8 million. Still, at more than $19,000 per sqm, they are not for the faint of heart! But if you are still interested, or if you are just curious, just check the video below:

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