Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Aviv Rothschild Center, a new luxury office project

Work has now started on Aviv Rothschild Center, 22 Rothschild Boulevard at the corner of Nahalat Binyamin Street.

Aviv Rothschild Center sets new standards in office buildings. "Recently we saw a new trend developing with the building of luxury residential apartments. That trend has now extended to office buildings because of an increase in demand for luxury offices as well" said Daphne Harlev, CEO of Aviv Group. The complex is made of two buildings, the new business tower and "Baker House" that was designed by legendary architect Yehuda Leib Magidovich -- the first city engineer of Tel Aviv. The Barker will be renovated and connected to the tower thanks to a modern glass atrium. Architects leading the project are Moshe Tzur Amnon Bar Or.

The tower will offer between 30 floors in addition to seven underground parking levels and will extend over an area of 22,500 sqm. Construction is scheduled to last three years and rent per square meter in the tower is expected to stand at about NIS 130-150 on average. Aviv Group has also applied for permission to build a hotel after receiving permission from the Tel Aviv Planning and Building Commission to increase the number of floors to 29.

Aviv group founded by the late Moshe Aviv, is one of the oldest and largest construction companies in Israel, and has extensive experience managing complex engineering projects for residential and commercial purposes, in Israel and abroad. The company recently completed the construction of the new Assuta Hospital, the largest and most advanced private hospital in Israel. Since its inception in 1963, is has been involved in many Israeli landmarks like the Aviv Gimel project in Ramat Aviv, the Weizman Center in Tel Aviv, the Weizmann Institute particle accelerator, the seawater desalination facility at Palmahim beach, the Diamond Exchange complex in Ramat Gan and many others.

More pictures of the construction are available there.

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